Monday, October 8, 2007

Try a Commitment Diet...

Diet_scales_2Did you get a call this week to work on a new project, a new job, or a new committee? Did you say 'yes' and find yourself feeling overwhelmed, with more responsibilities than ever?

If so, you may suffer from 'pick-me-itis'...the dread disease that afflicts many of us: when someone asks for a volunteer, we wave our arms wildly like an enthusiastic third grader, saying "Pick me! Pick me!" And, of course, we're chosen.

If this sounds all too familiar, you may need to go on a really simple diet...a comitment diet. Here's how it works: when you make a new commitment, you give up another commitment. This only makes sense. If you are already too busy and overwhelmed, how do you think you can add another commitment? You can't. Instead, you have to give something up to make room for the new. This is the secret to keeping your life in balance.

The big pay-off comes when you give up two or three less important commitments! The result will be free time to do the things that make you happy. Remember, instead of doing more things, choose to do more important things.

I'd be interested in knowing if any of my readers are on a commitment diet? Is it working? How did you learn to say 'no' and let go of the guilt that accompanies turning someone down?


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