Friday, February 13, 2009

Paralegal Profile: Lynne J. DeVenny

Lynne J. DeVenny, NCCP, of Winston-Salem NC has generously agreed to join me on for the Paralegal Mentor Mastermind Call on Tuesday, February 24 2009 at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Lynne is a busy paralegal who works in the area of workers compensation law. She is a co-author, a Mom, and a friend to all. I know when you read her following profile, you will want to be on the call. Be sure to register here. And read on to learn more about Lynne.

Job Titles: North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal, Co-Author of Workers' Compensation Practice for Paralegals (Carolina Academic Press, 2008) and Author/Blogger at Practical Paralegalism,

Employers: Elliot Pishko Morgan P.A. and Self-Employed

Years of Paralegal Experience: 22

Specialty Areas: Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation and Employment Law

Career Highlight: I feel like I've been very lucky in my professional career, and with the support of many wonderful employers, colleagues and mentors, have enjoyed a lot of "career highlights". But to be honest, my "professional baby" is my blog, Practical Paralegalism, which I started in October 2008, after months of working up the courage to try it (never mind that I still haven't read the instructions for blogging yet). I love having the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of paralegals all over the country, because I do not think that the profession gets enough recognition in the few publications available to us. Plus, my blog gives my "National-Enquiring" mind a place to roam and muse. While I'm always disappointed when a fellow legal professional exercises poor judgment or abuses his or her fiduciary duties, some of the cautionary tales I've shared have simply been too good to make up!

Paralegal Practice Tip: Be a resourceful and innovative problem solver. Do some research before posing questions to superiors and colleagues. It always sounds better to say, "I have a question and I've done some research to answer it. Did I find the right answer, or do I need to go in another direction?"

Favorite Internet Resource: I'm stumped (there are so many). I'm also a news junkie, but for law news I have fallen in love with The National Law Journal and the ABA Journal. Facebook and LinkedIn have enriched my professional and personal life immensely.

Fun Fact: I collect travel mugs from professional colleagues, legal vendors and legal associations. I have been fortunate to do a number of volunteer speaking engagements and sometimes am given "swag", which is not necessary but much appreciated. Travel mugs are my favorite. The Institute of Paralegal Education surprised me last week by sending me a gorgeous red IPE travel mug. I could not have been any more excited to open that box than a kid at Christmas getting a new bike!

Public LinkedIn Profile:

Thanks, Lynne...see you on February 24th. Until then, I remain...

Dedicated to your success!


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