Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paralegal Checklist for Merger Filings

Checklists are a great way to establish routines and take the guesswork out of your projects.
For those of you working with mergers, the key to sucess is organization. With this in mind, CT Corporation is providing a complimentary copy of its latest tool: Merger Filings Checklist.  

This convenient three-page resource provides a step-by-step overview of the items that need to be considered during pre-merger planning, merger filings and post-merger clean-up.

CT Corporation is a leader for registered agent, corporate compliance and governance solutions.  CT Corporation's expertise defines every customer contact. Law firms and corporate legal departments turn to its reliable service organization and intelligent technology for the precision and speed they need.

In addition, throughout my paralegal career, CT has been known as a supporter of paralegals and their continuing education.

More information about CT Corporation is available here.

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