Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Unearth Your Worth: Tips from a Professional Resume Writer

In this episode of The Paralegal Voice, Vicki Voisin invites Lori Howard, founder of Unearth Your Worth, to outline the key tips for your career transformation, including your job search, resume, and interview.

Howard also provides free instant access to the resources on her site for Paralegal Voice listeners!

After 15 years working in different offices and positions, Lori Howard suffered from burn out and her career needed a major fix. She discovered her passion is career transformation – helping those who are unhappy with their careers start fresh and find a job where they want to go to work in the morning. 

Lori is a Career Transformation Coach, Certified Story Coach, and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). She works with professionals who are frustrated in their jobs and those in career transition determine what they really want to do and create a career they love.

Vicki and Lori share:
  • What to do when you aren’t getting fast results in your job search.
  • The main objective of your resume and what it should accomplish.
  • Common resume writing mistakes.
  • How the resume of a recent graduate will differ from the resume of someone with years of experience.
  • The first thing a potential employer looks for in a resume.
  • Tips for setting yourself apart from other job applicants.
  • Lori’s special offer for Paralegal Voice listeners
  • Vicki’s tips for your resume cover letter.
  • And more!
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