Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Paralegal Voice: Attorney Lin Wood Representing High-Profile Clients

John and Patsy Ramsey, Richard Jewell, and Gary Condit are names everyone has heard because they were all on trial in the court of public opinion.

While none of these individuals were never arrested, the public judged them as if they were guilty and this was fueled by the media.

They needed legal representation just to fight for their reputations so they turned to Atlanta Attorney L. Lin Wood  known as an expert in First Amendment litigation and management of the media in high-profile cases.

Mr. Wood is determined and passionate in his representation of his clients. He was referred to by newscaster Dan Rather as “the attorney for the damned.”

Mr. Wood has developed a national reputation during his more than 36 years as a trial lawyer focusing on civil litigation, representing individuals and corporations as plaintiffs or defendants in tort and business cases involving claims of significant damage. More information and contact information for Mr. Wood can be found at

On this episode of The Paralegal Voice, I interviewed Mr. Wood about the benefits and difficulties of representing high-profile individuals and how a paralegal can most effectively assist with this representation. We also discussed:
  • How he protects his clients from the media;
  • How he controls media coverage;
  • The difference between libel and slander;
  • The paralegal's role in assisting with media coverage.
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