Sunday, July 1, 2007

What to do with that broken platter?

Seabourn_spirit_2While on our cruise on the fabulous Seabourn Spirit we went ashore at the Greek village of Fiskardo Kef_fiskon the island of Kefalonia where I bought a small ceramic platter made by a local artist. I had vowed to bring home only useful clutter! The platter qualified as a useful souvenir because it would be perfect for serving Greek olives at my next dinner party and a nice reminder of our trip. I toted it around Greece, back on the airplane, and gently placed in on the sideboard by our front door when I got home. A few days after our return, I was telling our friend, Nick Aninos (how Greek is that!), about the trip and learned that his grandfather grew up on the island of Kefalonia. I knew I just couldn't keep the platter for myself but must give it to Nick. I wrapped it in tissue paper and placed it in a bag, but as I was heading out the door, the bag slipped and bounced on the tile floor. You can guess the result: the platter broke in two large pieces and some small shards. It is now sitting on my diningroom table. I really want to fix it but, in reality, I know that can't be done and it will never be in any shape to give to our friend. My treasure has been reduced to clutter. to the trash it goes. This is a reminder that while we may discard things, the memories stay with us forever. It is this knowledge that allows me to get rid of the clutter in my life. And I will never forget the beautiful, sunny afternoon in that charming, colorful village. Nick...I'm sure your grandfather loved Kefalonia!

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