Monday, September 21, 2009

Paralegal Resource: Litigation Support Today

The August/October 2009 '3rd Anniversary Issue' of Litigation Support Today arrived in my firm's mail over the weekend. Since I was sorting the mail, I grabbed the copy for a quick read before passing it on to the attorney to whom it was addressed.

The contents of this issue intrigued me:

Using Hash Codes for File Identification (Challenges and Solutions)

Taking the Pain Out of Foreign Language Documents (Best Practice Tips for the Lit Support Professional)

ESI Vendor Selection (Using the EDRM Model)

Three Hot Career Trends in Litigation Support ("Today it takes six to eight months longer to fill these positions with many openings remaining unfilled since February 2009.")

Searching for the Elusive Needle in the Haystack: The Advantages of Concept Search
And more....Notes from the Second International Litigation Support Leaders Conference with Keynote Speaker Craig Ball; Vendor Briefs, and Industry News.

The issue was slick, easy to read and every article caught my attention. This publication is a terrific resource for all paralegals, but especially for those who are involved with litigation support.

Then this headline really caught my attention: How to get a FREE subscription to Litigation Support Today:

If you work in litigation support for a law firm, corporation, the government or elsewhere, you and your colleagues can qualify to receive a FREE subscription to Litigation Support Today. To subscribe or renew, just go to and complete the quick and easy subscription request form.

What a bargain!!!

The comment by Editor-In-Chief Albert J. Buckwalter in his 'Message From The Editor' really made sense to me:

"As the role of the litigation support professional continues to expand it is clear that in addition to being responsible for the processing and management of the support given that we also continue to be primary educators to our attorneys.

The attorneys should be focused on the legal theories and aspects of each case while lit support professionals provide attorneys with technical options and resources to help them access the information contained within the vast amounts of both electronic and hardcopy discovery."

While Litigation Support Today is celebrating its 3rd anniversary , it sounds like the publication team is really celebrating the future with many new benefits: a digital version of Litigation Support Today; a website job bank plus other innovative features; new special editorial sections on hot topics such as E-Discovery, and more.

You'd be crazy if you didn't click on this link right now and sign up for your very own subscription to Litigation Support Today. This may be one of the best career moves you make.

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