Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paralegal Resource: Fios, Inc.

Fios, Inc. is a company dedicated to helping attorneys, paralegals and other litigation support professionals navigate the complex challenges of e-discovery.

For over a decade, Fios has helped corporations and their outside counsel reduce risk, control costs and gain management control over the entire spectrum of electronic discovery. Fios delivers comprehensive services and expert guidance to transform the burdensome nature of electronic discovery into a streamlined, legally defensible business process.

The Fios web site is a virtual treasure trove of e-discovery information and resources such as:

Case Law provides Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, State Rules, Federal Rules of Evidence and relevant case law.

E-Discovery Knowledge Center offers
  • White pages
  • Web-casts and videos
  • Articles
  • Case studies
  • Industry standards
  • Service briefs and checklists

Sound Evidence Blog is the soapbox of Mary Mack, Esq., Corporate Technology Counsel. Her latest entry: FRCP moves from business days to calendar days.

There are also links to books by Fios e-discovery experts on topics related to electronic discovery.

Tom Mighell, Esq., was a guest expert on a recent episode of The Paralegal Voice that I co-host with Lynne DeVenny. He is a Senior Manager, Professional Services, at Fios where he helps clients prepare for and respond to litigation, and to understand the technologies used in e-discovery and other litigation technology processes. His focus is on working with corporations and their outside counsel to develop discovery readiness and response plans that increase efficiency while remaining conscious of both cost and risk.

Tom is just one of the many faces at Fios who are ready to help you maneuver the maze of e-discovery. Head on over to Fios, Inc. and take a look at the information offered's sure to help you with your next e-discovery project.

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