Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lynne DeVenny, NCCP: Law Crossing's Legal Staff Member of the Week

LawCrossing knows how to select candidates for its Legal Staff Profile Series – and apparently I have a knack for choosing excellent partners for my ventures.

LawCrossing recently recognized North Carolina paralegal Lynne DeVenny, NCCP, as the Legal Staff Member of the Week. Lynne is also my co-host on The Paralegal Voice, a monthly podcast for paralegals and other legal professionals that is produced by Legal Talk Network.

This is what Donna McGill, author of the article, had to say about Lynne:
Paralegal Lynne DeVenny is one of those rare women who really can juggle it all flawlessly and while never once spilling her Dr. Pepper. Sharp as a tack and with an ability to juggle her responsibilities, along with her passion for Starbucks coffee, Hershey's Kisses and of course, Dr. Pepper, she pulls it off with grace and style and never a complaint. We're proud to include Lynne DeVenny in our Legal Staff Profile Series.
My first introduction to Lynne was through the Paralegal Gateway Forum where she takes an active role in helping paralegals with their questions and issues. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was the co-author of Workers Compensation for Paralegals…a book that was already in use in my office and had come to the rescue on more than one occasion when I had a complex problem to solve.

Though we began communicating regularly by email and through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…and talking frequently by phone… we never met face to face until I was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Paralegal Association (NCPA) held in Wilmington Beach, NC, this past March (2010). It was such fun to speak with her in person…and to learn that the ‘real’ Lynne DeVenny is just as fresh and interesting…and just plain nice…as the ‘on line’ Lynne DeVenny.

Let me take you back one year earlier, though, to March 2009 when I pitched the idea for a monthly podcast focusing on paralegals to the folks at Legal Talk Network. You could have knocked me over with a feather when they said ‘Yes’ because I was prepared for them to tell me I was a crazy lady. I immediately invited Lynne to be my co-host and The Paralegal Voice was launched. What a positive step that was! Lynne has never-ending ideas, energy and lively conversation. I see many more joint projects in our future.

It is fitting that Lynne be recognized by Law Crossing because she is always recognizing other paralegals in her blog, Practical Paralegalism, where she is a prolific writer who dances circles around other blawgers with her copious posts.

Congratulations, Lynne! And thanks to Law Crossing for all you do for the legal profession.

To read the full article about Lynne, follow this link to the LawCrossing site.

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The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Vicki, thanks so much for the nice post. I'm pretty sure I never told Donna I juggled anything "flawlessly" :o - it's more like I dropped a few balls on the floor but did a heckuva job picking them up! ;P And I'm very appreciative of our fortuitous online meeting, which has led to some extremely outstanding opportunities, including talking to Erin Brockovich!