Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Have the "Pricing Talk" .. it's not so difficult!

How do I make them understand what
I'm really worth?
  • Do you have an established virtual paralegal business?
  • Are you just starting your business?
  • Do you think you may want to work as a virtual paralegal sometime in the future?
Whatever your stage, you'll want to be sure to attend Virtual Paralegals: Find and Claim Your Value - How to Charge What You're Really Worth -- with Confidence Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm Eastern time.

What's the NUMBER ONE question everyone asks when they think about working virtually? You guessed it: what do I charge?
First, remember that you are no longer an employee. You have a full-fledged business that comes with expenses, such as insurance, equipment and supplies. You have to do all the marketing and you have to do all the billing. In addition, you have training, experience and expertise. All of this is taken into consideration when determining what you will charge.
Think about how attorneys charge for their services: the more experience they have, the higher their hourly rate charged to their "customers". That hourly rate also takes into consideration the over head involved with running the firm. This is the "thinking" you must have when determining your rates and then conveying that information to the attorneys who are now your customers.
Tina Hilton of Clerical Advantage is teaming up with me to answer this burning question. We'll discuss how to set your rates so they reflect your training and experience, how to use research to establish your value, how to "have the pricing talk" with potential clients and more.                                                                 
This is a high-value low-cost opportunity for anyone considering a virtual paralegal business or who is in the process of forming their business. Follow this link for more information and to register.

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