Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why an Attorney Should Hire a Paralegal

Why should attorneys hire paralegals? Florida Paralegal Linda McGrath Cruz, ACP, FRP  has posted her reasons on the LinkedIn group forum for Know: The Magazine for Paralegals:

• Frees up attorney time to handle more complex cases and serve more clients.
• Allows the attorney to accept a large volume of cases thereby increasing revenue.

• Paralegals can perform quality legal services to the client at a lower cost to the client.

• Allows the attorney to market his or her legal services as being progressive and efficient.

• The paralegal is generally available to meet with the clients when the attorney is unavailable or when the attorney’s presence is not necessary.

• Allows more time for the attorney to meet mandatory continuing education requirements and to keep abreast of new or repealed laws and reported cases.

• Allows the attorney to accept pro bono cases or represent clients or to represent clients in noteworthy cases.

Then North Carolina Paralegal Elizabeth Stallings added this:

"Paralegals frequently play a large role in ensuring that deadlines are met on a timely basis.
Clients sometimes feel more comfortable communicating with paralegals because paralegals can cut through legal jargon and express ideas in a way that those unfamiliar with the law can understand."

Both Elizabeth and Linda make good points for the hiring of paralegals. What would you add?

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