Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Paralegal Voice: What Paralegals Need to Know about "The Cloud"

The latest edition of The Paralegal Voice, What Paralegals Need to Know aboutThe Cloud," co-hosted by Lynne DeVenny and me, is now available at Legal Talk Network.

In this episode, we welcome Tom Mighell, legal technology expert and senior consultant with Contoural, Inc., author of the new book, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, and Chair-Elect of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, to discuss what every paralegal needs to know about “The Cloud.”

Tom talks about how cloud-based services can improve the efficiency of a law practice, what paralegals should consider when evaluating cloud-based services for their firms, and how legal staffers can use the iPad to assist lawyers.

Also in this episode:
The definition of “The Cloud” and Cloud-based storage, including Dropbox
Cloud-based non-legal and legal services
Tom’s favorite business and legal iPad apps
Vicki and Lynne share practice and social media tips.

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Business and Legal iPad apps recommended by Tom:
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