Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Law Firm Computers Go to School

Brauer Law Offices updated its computer system last spring.
That good deed created another problem for this Phoenix, AZ firm: what to do with the 32 old computers?
George Samara, director of client and paralegal services at the firm had the answer. With a child at Apache Junction Unified School District's Superstition Mountain Elementary School, he knew the technology could provide a needed resource
"We considered selling the computers, but decided instead to send them somewhere where they would have the most benefit," Samara said. "Being a SMES parent, I knew the need was there and am happy to see them put to good use."
Brauer Law Offices has previously donated school and office supplies to the district, and has served as a sponsor for athletic teams.

While steps should be taken to wipe the hard drives on any donated equipment (including copy machines), this is an excellent way to re-purpose office equipment.

Brauer Law Offices deserves a Good Samaritan Award!

Source: East Valley Tribune

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