Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdom: Are you reactive or proactive?

In today's Wednesday's Wisdom, I ask: Are you reactive or proactive?

Reactive people have a tendency to respond to things that happen, rather than making them happen. Their responses are hasty. Another term that applies to their responses is "knee jerk".

Proactive people, on the other hand, are always looking ahead. They look at future activities, projects and events and then anticipate needs, problems and possible outcomes. 

It is, of course, much better to be proactive than reactive.

Today I provide 5 weapons you can use to handle almost any situation proactively. Follow this link to listen and then leave a comment below. 
What tips you do you have for being proactive? How has acting proactively saved you from "hitting the iceberg"?
Remember...I'm dedicated to your success!

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