Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paralegal News Headlines ~ February 1, 2012

Paralegals need to stay on top of legal news and trends, as well as what their fellow paralegals are doing. The following caught my eye when I opened my Google Reader this morning:
Strong Password Refresher.  Passwords are the first, and sometimes last, line of defense when it comes to data security. It's vital to use strong passwords for all of your devices and accounts. What constitutes a strong password? The ABA offers a quick refresher.

Jolene Umentum Wins Paralegal of the Quarter Award. Jolene Umentum of the Milwaukee Offices of Macey Bankruptcy Law has Won the Paralegal of the Quarter Award from 722 Redemption Funding . Her firm says this is an honor she has more than earned. The 722 Redemption Funding award recognizes the top performing paralegal from bankruptcy firms nationwide. To read more, follow this link.

“Want to Really Be Your Attorney’s Right Hand? Be Proactive on Legal Briefing” ByCynthia Dunaj was published at The Paralegal Society blog: "Are you the master of your legal universe? If so, that’s terrific! Second question: Do you draft legal briefs? If not, then perhaps it’s something you should strongly consider."  Cynthia Dunaj shares some legal drafting tips. Follow this link to access this terrific information.

Don't Make This Mistake When Contracting with a Paralegal.
Blogger Misty Sheffield, CP, of Atlanta Paralegal Services answers the question, "Is there a difference  between a freelance paralegal and a virtual paralegal?  Which one should  an attorney look for when needing some extra help?" According to Misty (and I agree) there's not much difference. Follow this link to learn why this is so.

Benefits of Paralegal Support Services For Solo Practitioners and Small Firms.
Of the four major types of attorney practices (solos/small firms, mid- to large-sized firms, corporate legal departments, and governmental entities), solo practitioners and attorneys in small firms face the most challenges. Yet, for these attorneys, solo practices and small firms can also be the most rewarding, both personally and professionally. Read more by Kris Canaday, virtual paralegal and blogger at Paralegal Support 101.

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