Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paralegal Mentor Audio Tip: Career Lessons Learned from the NFL

Today's Paralegal Mentor audio tip focuses on career lessons learned from the NFL.  Yes, you really learn a lot from watching football!
The Superbowl is coming up soon and I’m excited…I’m definitely a football fan! I watched all of the playoff games, too…but, you know what? I don’t remember who played who on the road to the SuperBowl. I’ve already forgotten!

There was LOTS of hype. In fact, the hype was overwhelming. The media built up (and tore down) each team so much that they had impossible standards to meet.
Now it’s nearly Game Day…and everyone will be watching the Patriots and Giants in the ultimate game. How did they survive the hype to get to this level and how does their strategy relate to your career?

Follow this link to listen to today's audio tip to learn how they survived...and how you can apply their strategies to your own career.

Remember...I'm dedicated to your success!

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