Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NALA 2012-13 Utilization/Compensation Survey

NALA 2012-13 National Utilization and Compensation Survey  Now Ready for YOU!

NALA's National Utilization and Compensation Survey of paralegals is now underway!  The survey form is online at www.nala.org/survey.htm and ready for you to complete! The control number is 729843.

This biennial survey, conducted since 1986, is the nation's most comprehensive look at the paralegal profession.

Questions cover:
  • educational backgrounds, 
  • work environments, 
  • duties and responsibilities, 
  • billing and salary levels, and
  • regional demographics affecting paralegal utilization and compensation.
Participation in the convenient "scroll-and-click" survey is totally anonymous. A universal control number is required for access in order to thwart Web surfers from finding the survey and spoiling it with bogus entries. The control number is 729843.  The control number is the same for every participant and cannot be used for identification.

The survey is open to all paralegals ....  Please participate and please tell others of this opportunity.

The survey findings will be summarized in the January 2013 Career Chronicle edition of Facts & Findings. The report in its entirety will be posted on  the NALA web site for all visitors, f'ree of charge.

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