Thursday, November 15, 2012

What does your employer do to make you feel valued?

It was my privilege to present Double the Ethics = Double the Issues: Advanced Ethics for Corporate Paralegals at the International Paper Company paralegal retreat at Walt Disney World.

What lucky paralegals and how nice of IP to do this for them. Definitely a demonstration of appreciation.

Recently I asked Paralegal Strategies readers what their employers do to show them they are appreciated. Here are a few of the responses I got:
  • They were very happy and excited when I was elected to a national office - said that it was a feather in the cap of the program I work for - (This came from the Director of our Agency)

  • Summer hours - in the summer, we can leave an hour earlier than our normal time paid.
  • Absolutely Nothing.
  • Allows me the flexibility to work from home when necessary to care for my child.
  • Random paid time off. For example, the CEO deciding to send everyone home an hour early on Friday afternoon. Or giving an extra day off around a holiday (i.e., Monday, Dec. 24).
  • Pays dues, provides education stipend and paid time off for CLE.
  • All employees are given a free paid day for their birthdays; as for my immediate boss, he will occasionally give us an extra hour off or longer lunch.
  • VERY generous holiday bonus every year I've been here.
Does your employer take steps to show you are valued and appreciated? What does he/she do? Leave a comment below -- I would love to hear from you.

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