Thursday, July 25, 2013

Biz Buddies: Tips for Working with Friends

In this 13th episode of Biz Buddies 4 Virtual Professionals, Vicki and Tina talk about Working with Friends. 

They discuss:
  • The Biz Buddy One Year Anniversary Celebration where you can win:
    $20 gift card to After listening to this podcast, go to the Clerical Advantage Facebook Page  (like us if you haven’t already) and tell us you’re a friend of Biz Buddies. You can get as creative as you want.  The winner will be announced on our August episode.
A copy of The Professional Paralegal; How to Find a Job and Career Success; This book (co-authored by Vicki with Charlsye Smith Diaz, PhD) is a $60 value and contains tips that would help everyone with resumes, organizing office, time management. Just leave a comment below about the benefit(s) of listening to podcasts.   Winner to be announced on our August episode.
  • And a Special offer for all of our Biz Buddies Friends:
  • Vicki is offering a steep discount on her Virtual Paralegal Interview Series, a 6 CD set that includes interviews with 6 people who have established successful virtual businesses. Regular price is $79... reduced to $47 for Biz Buddies fans. Go to and click on the "resources" page to order this product..
Vicki and Tina also discuss:        
  • The benefits of working with a friend
  • Is there a downside to working with friends?
  • How do you charge friends?
  • What about bartering?
  • What if your friends ask for free services?
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