Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Issue of Paralegal Salaries

Paralegal salaries are always an issue for discussion. So many factors play into the the determination of salaries: productivity, gender, education, geographic location, and the value the firm places of the role of the paralegal. Follow this link to an interesting blog post that everyone should read regarding paralegal salaries.

Productivity in the form of total billable hours remains an important factor in determining salaries. Do we have to work longer hours to increase our billable hours? The answer is 'No.' More information about my brand new teleclass 'Working Smarter: Seven Secrets to Increase Your Billable Hours' will be available soon. For a sneak peak, send a request to ... put 'billable hours' in the subject line.


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Unknown said...

Hi Vicki, I have been laid off and am seeking an IP Legal Secretary position. I have trademark prosecution experience, but there there are more patent prosecution or patent litigation positions available, that I don't have any experience in. Where can I get patent prosecution experience or where can I get patent paralegal certification that would give me qualifications for finding a job in an IP law office, in the San Francisco bay area?