Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'll be reading this book: Knock-Off

If I lived in Bucyrus, Ohio, I know I'd belong to the The Deathly Pleasures, a mystery and suspense book discussion group that meets at the Bucyrus Public Library. This month they're discussing Knock Off by Rhonda Pollero.

Why would I belong? Because I love to read mysteries, especially legal mysteries. What I love even more is a legal mystery with a paralegal as the central character.

Knock Off, the first in a series by Pollero, features paralegal Finley Anderson Tanner (F.A.T.), who oversees the investigation of the death of a friend's husband. Isn't Finley Anderson Tanner just a great name for a paralegal?

I've breezed through the Odelia Grey mystery series written by real-life paralegal Sue Ann Jaffarian. Odelia is a middle-aged, plus size, paralegal and amateur sluth who also happens to be a corpse magnet. Jaffarian's character makes me laugh (ala Stephanie Plum) and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of  Twice as Dead in June 2011. (Also, Sue Ann was the December 2010 Guest on The Paralegal Voice...be sure to listen if you haven't already!)

Meanwhile, I'm going to see what Finley Anderson Tanner has going on. There are 3 books in Pollero's series: Knock Off, Knock 'Em Dead and Fat Chance. All of the books are ranked at 4+ stars on Amazon. Here's a bit about Finley:
Finley Anderson Tanner (F.A.T.), a 29-year-old West Palm Beach paralegal whose designer name-dropping prattle and discount shopaholism obscure her smarts. Bored silly by her job in the estates and trusts department, she agrees to help a senior partner handle a client convinced that her deceased husband didn't fall asleep at the wheel but was actually murdered.

Finley's sweet but boring boyfriend is out of town, and her credit cards are maxed out, so she applies her bargain-hunting instincts to the investigation and finds a statistical improbability in the "accidental" deaths of several jurors after a medical malpractice suit. She meets the obligatory bad boy detective, Liam McGarrity, and wriggles out of several tight spots in this lighthearted romp.
Now doesn't that sound like fun? I'll let you know!

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