Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learn about Careers in Fashion Law at

In this post at, Sally Anne Kane (who is also the Editor of Paralegal Today), asks:
Do you have a love of the law and a passion for fashion? You can combine both in the emerging area of fashion law?
According to this post, rising incidents of design piracy and copycat litigation have fueled the growth of fashion law. According to Lawcrossing,
"Fashion law offers a backstage pass to a glamorous, star-studded industry. There are opportunities to attend glitzy, upscale parties; wear the latest in designer fashions; and hobnob with all of the beautiful people."
According to Ms. Kane, Fordham University School of Law launched the world's first Fashion Law Institute in 2010. This program offers the study of fashion-related legal issues as well as pro bono legal counseling for designers in need. More such programs are emerging across the nation.

Follow this link to learn more about a career in fashion law.

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