Friday, May 20, 2011

NWFPA Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Elizabeth Miller, Michele Mertins, Kristine Hill
 The Northwest Florida Paralegal Association (NWFPA) recently celebrated thirty years of successfully serving the community and paralegals across the Florida panhandle providing service projects, continued education, and networking opportunities.

Established in 1981 by then local paralegal, Deb Becker, the association has grown and developed to its present membership of 128 area professionals.
“It was so gratifying to see the growth and progress of the organization over the years. You all should be very proud of what you have accomplished with membership, education, and reaching out to remote members via web streaming your programs. It was an honor to be invited to share this special evening with you,” stated Ms. Becker, an honored guest in attendance.
NWFPA members partied like it was 1981 at Vinyl Music Hall on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. The gala was well attended by representatives from the entire legal community. Guests included everyone from area judges to local vendors to area law students working on their networking skills.

Michael Larson, local owner of Pro Legal copies commented, “I had a great time. I think you all did a fantastic job putting that party together. The venue was awesome. The door prizes were great the food was excellent and everyone was having a good time.”

The Northwest Florida Paralegal Association was founded to encourage a high order of ethical and professional attainment, further education among members of the profession, establish good fellowship among society members and members of the legal community, and cooperate with the bar association.

Commenting on the value of the paralegal profession and the NWFPA, Deputy County Attorney, Charlie Peppler, of the Escambia County Attorney’s Office stated,
“A good paralegal can not guarantee that a lawyer will win a case, but the good paralegal will always guarantee that the lawyer has done his or her utmost in representing a client. Recognizing the skills and temperament of those paralegals who are members of the NWFPA is a joy and a privilege. Thanks for the opportunity.”
More information about the NWFPA can be found at their website located at

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