Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lou Stoker, ACP Named KCPA Paralegal of the Year

Alberta “Lou” Stoker, ACP has been named Paralegal of the Year by the Kern County Paralegal Association (KCPA).

Lou was born in Wichita Falls, Texas but moved, at the age of 5, to Bakersfield, CA. She received her Associate of Arts degree from Bakersfield College, later returning to Cal State Bakersfield to obtain a certificate in Legal Assistance. In February 2004, Ms. Stoker obtained the designation of Certified Legal Assistant by passing the national certification examination offered by NALA.

Her career in the legal field began in 1977. She has worked for the law firm of Chain Cohn Stiles for more than 25 years where she assists Paul Welchans, Esq. Lou has assisted Mr. Welchans in obtaining a number of multi-million dollar verdicts, including a trial for a 78 year-old night watchman struck by a car in a darkened parking lot. In addition to having assisted in the larger damage cases, she oversees a personal injury caseload consisting of almost every manner of personal injury claims.

Mr. Welchans has has high praise for Lou:

“During the time that I have known Lou, she has continuously endeavored to improve her paralegal skills. She began her career as a legal secretary and, through diligent study and applied practical experience, has become a Certified Legal Assistant with an Advanced Paralegal Certification in discovery.

“Ms. Stoker has participated in all aspects of personal injury litigation from initial client interview through discovery, including trial preparation in matters ranging from the mundane motor vehicle collision to complex products litigation. Lou has personally been responsible for the preparation and administration of more than 10 appellate matters. In short, she has extensively participated in virtually every aspect of litigation practice.

“While Lou’s commitment to the profession is deserving of recognition, her greatest strength lies in her unfailing devotion to the needs of our clients. Lou is the embodiment of empathy particularly for clients who have sustained grievous losses.”
Ms. Stoker is a member of the Kern County Paralegal Association, is a licensed Notary Public and is involved in the publication of the Chain-Link newsletter. She has a variety of interests outside of work, including being an active member of a local church, tennis, bicycling, roller-blading, reading, amateur photography, keeping up with local, state and national political issues, working out at the gym and, at every opportunity, travelling to different areas of the country.

Congratulations, Lou!

~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Barbara Haubrich, ACP/CAS for providing this information.

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