Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Trip Around the Sun: Day 1

My birthday was yesterday...June 12th. I LOVE my birthday and am so blessed with good wishes from lots of friends and family.

My BFF (Best Friend Forever), Cheri, has challenged me to blog every day this year...she's termed it 'my trip around the sun' and I've accepted. This will be interesting. I intend to include a montage of personal and professional news...we'll see how it goes.

As I said, yesterday was my birthday. There were an incredible number of good wishes on Facebook (the really fun thing about Facebook!), as well as lots of cards and calls. My friend, Christie, and I walked downtown for coffee and a scrumptious blueberry muffin at Woolly Bugger where my hats are sold during the winter. I have to particularly mention the ginormous chocolate covered strawberries from that were sent by our son, Vince, and his wife, Meredith. They were the biggest, sweetest strawberries I've ever seen...almost 'fist size'! Definitely a great gift.

Later The Don and I went for dinner at Sante, a restaurant that recently opened in Boyne City. The meal was fabulous!! Don ordered whitefish stuffed with a shrimp mousse and I had the Boeuf Bourguinon...both reasonably priced and delicious. We chose to share the Tarte Tatin with creme fraiche for dessert...YUM! The atmosphere at Sante is fun and the service was excellent. We'll definitely be going back. Follow this link to an article that recently appeared in our local Graphic, complete with one of Sante's recipes.

Today (Day 1 of my Trip Around the Sun) began with a 2-mile walk and then some serious work on the flowers in the boxes on the porch: Geraniums needed to be dead-headed and it was time to give everything a good dose of Miracle Grow. And I almost forgot to add that Cheri and I kept up our Sunday afternoon 'Chick Flick' tradition and caught 'Letters to Juliet' at the local theater. It's the perfect girl's movie, complete with Vanessa Redgrave and a happy ending.

As I write this, the notice of the June 15th Paralegal Mentor Mastermind Call is going out to all my subscribers. I'm really excited to interview Jeannie Johnston, President and CEO of Paralegal Gateway.

That's it for Day 1 of My Trip Around the Sun. 'See' you tomorrow!

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