Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mastermind Call with Jeannie Johnston of Paralegal Gateway

Tonight's Paralegal Mastermind Call with Jeannie Johnston was an awesome event!

Jeannie is the Founder and CEO of Paralegal Gateway, Inc. and Sync Boutique, a legal staffing company. She has more than 20 years of business and web development experience at an cxecutive level.

Additionally, Jeannie has been a paralegal for more than 17 years, a speaker at national paralegal conferences, legal Sales executive and legal staffing consultant. She serves as the Director of The National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and as a Member of Paralegal Today’s Editorial Advisory Board. She is a legal career expert featured on the Atlanta Edition of The Examiner and has written articles for Paralegal Today as well as The Paralegal Reporter.

Jeannie launched Paralegal Gateway in 2001 when she realized that paralegals needed access to networking, articles, forms, news, tools, etc. Over the years, Paralegal Gateway has grown and Jeannie's dream of highlighting and promoting paralegals has been realized.

On tonight's call, Jeannie took us on a virtual tour of the Paralegal Gateway web site which is an incredible resource for paralegals. We also discussed the employment picture (there is a glimmer of hope!), trends in specialty areas, and ideas for pursuing paralegal jobs.

If you missed the call, you can still access the recording by following this link and entering your email address. I'll see that it's sent to you.

Thanks, Jeannie, for all you do for paralegals!

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