Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Trip Around the Sun: Day Four

June 16, 2010: Today I attended the annual 'Women Can, Women Do' Spring Luncheon sponsored by the Women's Resource Center of Northern Michigan and held at Castle Farms.
Since I served on the Board of the WRC for several years, I'm always happy to support their fundraisers. It performs an important service in our community.

Castle Farms is a lovely venue! It encompasses the original farm built in 1918 by Albert Loeb, President of Sears, Roebuck, and Company. It was a model farm on which prize-winning livestock were raised, as well as where Mr. Loeb showcased the newest farm equipment sold through the Sears and Roebuck catalog. The buildings were designed based on the stone barns found in Normandy, France. You can read the entire history here. And, yes, this is the 'Loeb Family' of 'Loeb & Leopold' fame (or infamy!).Today Castle Farms is open year 'round for weddings and receptions, festivals and shows, corporate and social events, and castle and garden tours.

'Women Can, Women Do' is a huge event with over 200 women attending. Each of the 30 tables has a different centerpiece/theme designed by a local decorator or business. For instance, Kilwin's Candy has a chocolate fountain in the middle of the table, another had a beach theme, and another had yellow roses. The table I sat was resplendent with daisies. While our table was nice, I did admit to a bit of 'Table Envy" when I saw that chocolate fountain (wouldn't 'table envy' have been a great theme for a Seinfeld episode?). I'll post more pictures of centerpieces on Facebook soon.

Lunch started with this beautiful Lemon Fruit Salad served with baked scones, followed by Warm Roasted Chicken Galette and then Chocolate Mousse for dessert. It was all fantastic and the presentation was just lovely.

This event is a success because Women's Resource Director Jan Mancinelli is an expert at using committees If I understand it correctly, there is a Chairman in charge of the entire event. Then there are various sub-committees that plan the invitations, menu, and solicit the table designers and the table captains. Each table captain recruits seven women for their table. Those seven bring their checkbooks...and voila! you have a successful fundraiser.

I totally enjoy getting together with my friends at this event (here I am with my BFF Cheri who suggested that I post My Trip Around the Sun) ...and also doing my part to ensure the future of the valuable programs provided by the Women's Resource Center.

Do you have a favorite fundraiser you like to attend?

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